What am I doing here?

I have had a few blogs over the years, but they have tended to focus on particular aspects of my life, I hope this one will be more general.  A collection of my thoughts and interests.  It gives the opportunity for me to write opinion without annoying friends (Facebook) and to provide words, rather than just pictures (Instagram).

I really enjoy writing, but I have also been known to lose motivation on project, note my sewing machine – untouched for 6 months, my cake tins – untouched for a year, and my books on mindfulness – unthumbed.

Although perhaps that’s the point, it’s a bit of a #firstworldproblem but because we can have a go at anything if we are lucky enough to live in the western world and have a little bit of spare cash, it’s difficult to maintain motivation for a single hobby.  At least the output of this will last longer than my cake (a success) and my home-made dresses (less of a success, unless I grow an asymmetrical body).


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